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The four seasons of the feminine cycle

This blog is the introduction to our series on ‘The Four Seasons of the Feminine cycle’.

Women and womb carriers are cyclical beings. In the space of a cycle, we experience a complex dance of hormones and physiological reactions that make us go through different emotional, energetic and spiritual seasons. An average cycle lasts about 28 days, and is divided into 4 phases: menstruation (winter), follicular phase (spring), ovulation (summer) and luteal phase (autumn).

Menstruation: winter

Your cycle starts when you start bleeding. Menstruation is associated with winter, because your body needs to rest more and stay warm. This phase lasts about 5 days.

To learn more about this phase, read our blog ‘Menstruation: honoring your winter time

The follicular phase: spring

When your menstruation ends, your body starts maturing about a dozen follicles, out of which 1 will mature into a fertile egg (2 or 3 in case of twins or triplets). It’s spring time for your body, coming out of winter, building towards ovulation.

Ovulation: summer

Around day 14 of your cycle, the mature egg is released into the Fallopian tube and starts its descent towards the uterus. It’s a high energy phase, associated with your summer time.

Luteal phase: autumn

If they egg is not fecundated, it will die after 24 to 48h, starting your luteal phase, your autumn, where hormones will eventually drop and potentially trigger a premenstrual syndrome. It’s a phase where you are more sensitive but also more aware.

Interested in learning more about the four seasons of the feminine cycle? Watch out for our blog series and purchase the recording our workshop.


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