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Take a break in your day, in your week, to reconnect with yourself and tend to your body.


Smiling is a powerful practice to relieve stress and increase happiness and longevity. We are born smiling and as children we smile up to 500 times day, while the happiest adults only smile about 50 times a day. Even in challenging times, cultivating joy and gratitude for all the little things around us and smiling at them is an essential self-care practice.


How are you breathing at this very moment? Breathing is what keeps us alive and going, but as we grow older, with stress and lifestyle, our breathe tends to get more and more shallow. Deep breathing is essential to maintain our nervous and digestive systems and prevent many diseases. In this video I'm sharing more science behind it and some very simple pranayama (mindful breathing) exercises.


Touching yourself with tenderness, and no medical or sexual agenda is the ultimate message of love that your system can receive. It's very soothing for the nervous system and nurturing for the body. In this time of social distancing, be the hands that give your body love as much as the body that is receiving love.

Silence & stillness

In these times where we spend a lot of time on screens, for work, to stay connected to our loved ones, to feel less alone for those of us who live alone, our system constantly receives inputs. Try for a moment, maybe 5' a day, to seat still, in relative darkness and just connect to your breathe, to allow your system to rest.

Tongue scraping

Every night we build up a coating of bacteria and toxins on our tongue. Its thickness and colour is a good indicator of the general health of the body, and in particular our digestion. Scraping it out first thing in the morning prevents you from ingesting back the toxins and bacteria.

Hot water bottle

Super simple to use (make sure you get a non-toxic one though)! It helps improving circulation in the body, removing congestion and soothing tensions in the body. It's particularly helpful if you have a cold and slow digestion with constipation, and can help soothing period cramps and tender breast.

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